Studio pics

24 02 2009

Some new and old work

duck & robot






DIY Album Covers

23 02 2009

There’s a rather awesome little meme making the rounds about Facebook at the moment.  If you’re on facebook  you can join the DIY Album Covers group and following some simple guidelines to introduce randomness, produce your own album cover art and upload it to the group. Some of the results are quite hysterical.

here’s a few of mine.

drug seeking and pictures

20 02 2009

Actually there’s nothing to do with drugs in this post, but here are some cool pics I pulled off Flickr of other jeweller’s benches.

Chris Parry







Form&Function also here:

Admin announcement

5 02 2009

Recent near disastrous events have forced me to hijack this Shinyrabbit blog and move my posts over from my recently closed Kubikal blog.

Normal service will resume shortly but this blog will no longer be strictly jewellery centred.

please stay tuned future content will follow soon.

We interrupt the ongoing tedium for some shameless self-promotion

26 11 2008

metal-heads article

[click the pic to embiggen]

Short bio piece about me in the Dec 2008 issue of Mens Health Living SA

Many thanks to Geraldine Fenn, Graham Wood, Adriaan Oosthuizen and Marc Shoul

Some good reasons why you should quit smoking right now.

22 09 2008

(If you don’t smoke, please ignore this post and look at the cute whales further down)

They make you stink, yes there’s no way around it I’m sorry but you smell awful.

Your clothes start smelling of it and incidentally mine too, if you sit close enough to me in a bar, I really don’t appreciate that.

They make your breath stink too, who wants to make out with an ashtray?

They turn your teeth yellow, eew!

They turn your fingers yellow, if you smoke enough of them a day.

You lose your sense of smell and taste.

They’re getting more and more expensive just like everything else, don’t you think its a great idea to just stop and save some cash? think of all the other stuff you could buy!

Its harder and harder to find places to smoke anyway, with most countries having implemented some form of smoking legislation.

I don’t care if they help you define your identity or make you look like a rebel, you’re a jackass

It will kill you.

Its dirty.

Some new aquatic mammals

6 09 2008

New prototypes, they’re up in order of first to last generation.

update: seems like picasa managed to misplace the images sometime during the last few hours. Hopefully fixed now

moar update: looks like google is screwing with me again, uploaded to flickr, images should stay put now hopefully 😛